Dennysville Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Dennysville created their first Comprehensive Plan in 2003.

The Comprehensive Plan pulls together information on a wide-range of community issues to assess trends and establish town policies over a 10- to 15-year period. The entire Comprehensive Plan is posted below as it was submitted to the State Planning Office in 2003 for their review.

There are variety of ways to be involved in the Comprehensive Plan. We want your input and involvement, please see below to find out more. Click here to find out more about Comprehensive Planning in general.

The final set of plan documents are assembled below for download.

The Comprehensive Plan was reviewed by the State Planning Office during August and September of 2003. The Comprehensive Plan was found to be inconsistent with the Growth Management Act. The town addressed various inconsistencies and then sought an exemption to the requirement to designate a growth area. The State Planning Office agreed with the rationale provided to not designate a growth area; the town made the associated revisions to the Proposed Land Use Map, and was found consistent with the Growth Management Act in January, 2004. The documents describing this process are available for download here:

September 19, 2003 Inconsistency Finding

October 7, 2003 Dennysville Reponse to Inconsistency Finding

January 22, 2004 Consistency Finding 


Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter A. Executive Summary
Chapter B. Historic & Archaeological Resources
Chapter C. Population
Chapter D. Natural Resources
Chapter E. Employment and Economy
Chapter F. Housing
Chapter G. Recreation, Scenic Resources and Open Space
Chapter H. Transportation
Chapter I. Public Facilities and Services
Chapter J. Fiscal Capacity
Chapter K. Land Use
Chapter L. Town Survey


Map 1. Location

Map 2. Streets, Public Facilities & Place Names (PDF, 245kb)

Map 3. Topography & Floodzones (PDF, 553kb)

Map 4. STATSGO Soils & Gravel Pits (PDF, 229kb)

Map 5. Aquifers, Watersheds & Wetlands (PDF, 375kb)

Map 6. Land Cover (PDF, 273kb)

Map 7. Critical Resources (PDF, 260kb)

Map 8. Marine Resources (PDF, 281kb)

Map 9. Land Use and Zoning (PDF, 386kb)

Map 10. Proposed Land Use (PDF, 389kb)


Appendix A. State Policies

Appendix B. Charts of Public Survey Results

Commercial Development Opinions

Regulation and Presevation Opinions

Services Opinions

Housing Opinions

Where Do You Buy Durable Goods?

Where Do You Buy Non-durable Goods?

Where Do You Buy Services?

Appendix C. Regional Census Data

Machias-Eastport Labor Market Area Census Data Tables

Appendix D. State Planning Office growth area exemption letter


Ways to be involved

Community members were consulted throughout the Comprehensive Plan Update process through a variety of means.

On Election Day, November 5, 2002, residents of Dennysville went to the polls at the EDM Youth Center to vote in the general election.  While there, they were asked by the Dennysville Planning Board to complete the “Comprehensive Plan Survey” so that pertinent information gathered from its citizens could be included in Dennysville’s Comprehensive Plan, which will be available early in 2003.  Almost 100% of the citizen voters that day willingly took part in the survey.  They Planning Board commends and thanks all who took their valuable time to thoughtfully answer the survey questions because public input is extremely important for state acceptance of any town’s comprehensive plan.  Once the plan is in place, the town will be eligible to apply for state grant monies with which to complete projects to enhance Dennysville.

Dennysville’s Comprehensive Plan 2003 has been in progress for the past two and a half years.  With some town money plus a generous grant from the state, the Planning Board was able to hire a professional planner to write the plan.  In addition, the five members of the Dennysville Planning Board have devoted countless volunteer hours towards gathering information, planning, e-mailing, interviewing people, writing the survey, and collecting data for the plan.  they have also met on numerous occasions with the Chief Planner for Washington County Council of Governments (WCCOG), who was the writer of Dennysville’s Comprehensive Plan, Judy East.  The former Chief Planner, Eric Gallant, was instrumental in the early stages of Dennysville’s plan before he transferred to the mid-coast area.

The Dennysville Planning Board members are Carolyn Mahar, James Sullivan, Rick Jamieson, Mary McFadden (Secretary), and Dean Bradshaw (Chairman).  The Board generally meets bimonthly in the Edmunds School Library.  Tentative dates for meetings for the remainder of 2003 are as follows:  April 9, June 18, August 20, October 15, and December 17.  When citizens have issues which the board should consider, they are encouraged to contact a member of the board.  Special meetings can be scheduled if necessary.

Committee Members

Dean Bradshaw

Rick Jamieson

Carolyn Mahar

Mary McFadden

James Sullivan