Pembroke Harbor Management Ordinance 

The Pembroke Harbor Management Ordinance was updated in 2015. Two companion documents were also completed including a Best Practices Handbook and an updated Mooring Permit Application.

A Public Hearing on the Proposed harbor Management Ordiance was held

July 22, 2015 at 6PM at the Pembroke Town Office.

The following changes were made to the Harbor Ordinance and the Mooring Permit Application based on input received at the public hearing:

Links to PDF copies of the Harbor Management Ordinance, the Best Practices Handbook and the new Mooring Permit Application are provided below - with updates based on input from the public hearing. Paper copies are also available for public review at the Town Office. 

The Best Practices Handbook was printed in a small binder format - it includes the 2 Mooring Field maps and the Mooring Permit Application. Copies are available for mariners from the Pembroke Harbor Master or at the Pembroke Town Office.

The updated Harbor Ordinance will be put before voters for adoption at the Pembroke Town Meeting on August 10, 2015.

Pembroke Best Practices Handbook

(formatted for 3 x7 inch binder)


Best Practices Handbook


Pembroke Town Landing Mooring Field - detail (1MB PDF - formatted for 11 by 17)

Pembroke Town Landing Mooring Field - regional view (1MB PDF - formatted for 11 by 17)

Pembroke Mooring Permit Application 

Pembroke Harbor Management Ordinance 

Proposed Pembroke Harbor Management Ordinance - Public Hearing held July 22, 2015