Whiting Comprehensive Plan

The Whiting Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2003.

It was found Consistent with the Growth Management Act on January 31, 2004 and adopted locally on July 5, 2005.

Links to the individual chapters and maps that comprise the Whiting Comprehensive Plan are provided below.

Individual ChaptersWhiting Comprehensive Plan Cover

Cover Page and Table of Contents (PDF 147 KB)

A: Executive Summary (PDF 101 KB)

B: Historical and Archeological Resources (PDF 129 KB)

C: Population (PDF 134 KB)

D: Natural Resources (PDF 175 KB)

E: Employment and Economy (PDF 179 KB) 

F: Housing (PDF 179 KB)

G: Recreation, Scenic Resources and Open Space (PDF 96 KB)

H: Transportation (PDF 113 KB)

I:  Public Facilities and Services (PDF 116 KB)

J:  Fiscal Capacity (PDF 113 KB)

K: Land Use (PDF 47 KB)

L: Town Survey Results (PDF 96 KB)


Appendix A: Town Survey and Data (PDF 150 KB)

Appendix B: State Policies (PDF 68 KB)

Appendix C: State Planning Office Letter of Consistency (PDF 156 KB)


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