Whitneyville Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Whitneyville has completed its first Comprehensive Plan in 30 years. Whitneyville last developed a Comprehensive Plan in 1980. There have been a lot of changes since then, both in Whitneyville and in Maine law as it relates to land use and municipal comprehensive plans.

The Comprehensive Plan pulls together information on a wide-range of community issues to assess trends and establish town policies over a 10- to 15-year period. The current Comprehensive Plan was completed in September, 2011 and submitted to the State Planning Office for formal review under the Growth Management Act. It was found consistent with the Growth Management Act on on October 17th, 2011 and adopted by town vote in 2012. The final Comprehensive Plan and the review documents received from the State Planning Office are available below.


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State Agency Comments:

State Planning Office Consistency Review - October 17, 2011.

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Department of Environmental Protection - freshwater resources

Land Use Regulation Commission

Maine Forest Service


Chapters Review Questions
Cover, Table of Contents  

Chapter A. Introduction


Chapter B. Historic & Archaeological Resources

SPO Review Questions

Chapter C. Population

SPO Review Questions

Chapter D. Public Facilities & Services

SPO Review Questions

Chapter E. Recreation

SPO Review Questions

Chapter F. Natural Resources

SPO Review Questions

Chapter G. Agricultural and Forestry Resources

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Chapter H. Economy & Employment

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Chapter I. Housing

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Chapter J. Transportation

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Chapter K. Fiscal Capacity

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Chapter L. Land Use

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Map 1. Location (PDF 607KB)

Map 2. Public Facilities & Services (PDF 1MB)

Map 3. Topography & Floodplains (PDF 418KB)

Map 4. Soils Classification (LARGE FILE PDF 7.7MB)

Map 5. Water Resources (PDF 452KB)

Map 6. Critical Habitat (PDF 305KB)

Map 7. Land Cover (PDF 453KB)

Map 8. Transportation (PDF 1MB)

Map 9. Current Land Use (PDF 898KB)

Map 10. Proposed Land Use (PDF 926KB)



Appendix A. Community Vision Statement

Appendix B. Public Participation Summary

Appendix C. Community Survey Responses    

Appendix D. Plan Implementation

Appendix E. Evaluation Measures

Appendix F. Regional Coordination Program


Committee Members

Pat Brightly
Renee Brightly
Dave Daniels
Julie Daniels
Herb Dowling
Pam Dowling
Pat Dowling
Janice Getchell
Judy Spencer