Cooper Comprehensive Plan

The Cooper Comprehensive Plan was completed in the summer of 2010. The Comprehensive Plan Committee worked for about 16 months and submitted it to the State Planning Office (SPO) on August 27, 2010. SPO issued a finding that the Cooper Comprehensive Plan is consistent with the Growth Management Act on November 1, 2010. The findings letter from SPO and all attachments from other state agencies are listed (for download) below.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee reviewed the comments and made changes recommended by two state agencies (Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Beginning with Habitat Program) and added data on fisheries information as well as the policy change regarding the size of culverts on significant stream segments. 

The public hearing was held on March 2, 2011 at 7PM at the Cathance Grange after the required public notice in the local paper for at least 30 days.

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the voters of the town of Cooper at the Annual Town meeting on March 28, 2011. 

Individual chapters, maps and appendices from the comprehensive plan can be downloaded in PDF format below.

Individual Chapters

Cover and Table of Contents (15KB)

A- Vision and Executive Summary (109KB)

B- History (35KB)

C- Population (52KB)

D- Natural Resources (65KB)

E- Economics and Employment (46 KB)

F- Housing (366 KB)

G- Transportation (234 KB)

H- Public Facilities, Recreation and Open Space (55 KB)

I- Fiscal Capacity (32 KB)

J- Land Use (46KB)

K- Town Survey (74 KB)

L- Regional Coordination (24KB)

M- Plan Implementation (71 KB)


Map 1 - Location (678 KB)

Map 2 - Public Facilities and Transportation (406 KB)

Map 2A - Vehicle Collisions 1996-2006 (361 KB)

Map 3 - Topography and Slopes (597KB)

Map 4 - Water Resources (585 KB)

Map 5 - Soils (2MB)

Map 6 - Land Cover (528 KB)]

Map 7 - Critical Habitat (661 KB)

Map 8 - Regional Transportation (537 KB)

Map 9 - Current Land Use

Map 10 - Proposed Land Use


Appendix A - Town Survey and Written Comments (185 KB)

Appendix B - Community Meeting Summary (26 KB)

Appendix C - State Policies (11 KB)

Appendix D - Wildlife Sightings in Cooper (22KB)

State Planning Office Review Documents

SPO Checklist

SPO Acceptance for Review 8/27/10

SPO Finding of Consistency 11/1/10

State Agency Comments on Comprehensive Plan (part of consistency review):

Maine Department of Transportation 10/4/10

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Beginning With Habitat program 10/4/10

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife - Fisheries Division 10/6/10