Jonesport Comprehensive Plan Update

The Jonesport Comprehensive Plan Update was completed in 2006.

It was found Consistent with the Growth Management Act on November 17, 2004 and, after 3 attempts at a local vote it was adopted locally on June 13, 2010.

Links to the individual chapters and maps that comprise the Jonesport Comprehensive Plan  are provided below.

Cover Page and Table of Contents

A: Executive Summary

B: Historical and Archeological Resources 

C: Population

D: Natural Resources

E: Employment and Economy 

F: Housing

G: Recreation, Scenic Resources and Open Space

H: Transportation

I: Public Facilities and Services

J: Fiscal Capacity

K: Land Use (original chpater; need to update with most recent version from town)

L: Town Survey Results


Appendix A: Town Survey and Written Comments

Appendix B: Community Meeting Summary

Appendix C: November 8, 2004 Letter of Consistency


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